How to Make an Awesome Storyboard on Pinterest

How to make an awesome storyboard using Pinterest.png

Here’s an awesome idea that I have stuck with since day one of writing my novel. Storyboards. Sometimes us writers need inspiration. What a better way than to look at a storyboard that was made by YOU! It’s amazing because it serves as a blue-print for your story. It helps you to “get in the mood”, really transport you into your book. (Even when or if you don’t feel like writing)

First, what is a storyboard on Pinterest?

In simple terms, it’s a board dedicated to your book/novel. A compilation of pins that you hand-picked for you story. For a few examples check mine out. This is my Galiana Chronicles board and this is my Loxley Chronicles board.

Second, how do you make a storyboard?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Just follow these simple steps

1.) Add a new board 

2.) Title it (Preferably the name of your book/story)

But what if your book/story doesn’t have a name yet? Well, just make a quick description of what your book is about. For example, mine would be Medieval fantasy. Or  you can use the description of your main character or the plot. Or better yet, use a phrase or quote from your book! The awesome thing with this is that, you have full control over this board.

3.) Add pins! Ok, so this is the fun part. Ask yourself “What is my book about? Where does it take place? When does it take place? And who are the characters?” Now just look for pins that you like and pin them. For example, mine is a medieval fantasy. So I look up pins that have to do with that theme.

So add pictures of places, people, ships, autos, whatever you want!

Pretty simple huh? Now go get pinning!

*Add a specialized playlist.

So I just figured this out right now, and it’s super cool.

I love music, so obviously I had to make a special playlist for when I am writing my novel. But… Why not share it with the world? Get people in “the mood” for reading your book?

Here’s how to add a link of a playlist to your storyboard.

1.) You have to go to Spotify Web Player, not just your Spotify app. I know, it was a bit of a pain (You’ll need to be on your desktop or laptop, the web player doesn’t work on phones or tablets)

2.) Go to your specialized playlist.

3.) Right click then select  “Copy Playlist Link”.

4.) Go to your Pinterest storyboard and click the “+” button

4.) Click on “Save from a website”

5.) Paste the link into the bar and viola, you have the pin for your playlist.


*Quick Tip*

If you have the “Pin It” button on your browser

1.) Go to playlist

2.) Click “Pin it” button.

3.) Select board you wish to save it to.


Here’s a really helpful tip against writer’s block:

Once you have created your playlist and your storyboard, go back to it. When you feel that nagging writer’s block coming on, go to your storyboard and blast that playlist. It will almost instantly transport you into your book, making you want to finish that awesome story of yours!



Writing and Music, Ties that Bind

Music has a certain power over us. It reaches into the depths of our souls, and warms our hearts. It has the power to make us see the beauty in life, or to dwell in the darkest abyss.

Music, at least personally, has a great effect on my writing. For example, I am listening to music right now, as I right this. (Welcome to New York – Taylor Swift) I have no doubt I am a melomaniac. Every form of writing has a different genre of music. Lately I have been working on Galiana Chronicles, this is a medieval fantasy novel. The genre of music I listen to with this piece is along the lines of Game of Thrones, Alice in Wonderland, a lot of Lindsey Sterling, and I cannot get enough of the new Beauty and the Beast soundtrack!

Here’s a list of my favorite instrumental musicians:

Lindsey Sterling

Ramin Djawadi

Alan Menken

Trevor Morris

Thomas Bergerson

Nick Phoenix