Inspiration Weekly #3

Do it with passion, or not at all.


The Writing Process Pt. 1

How do you write? What is your process? Many writers have many different techniques. Some write their novel digitally, others write one paper. Some have 3-hole binders while others use computer files. Some work on the couch others at a desk, and others in bed.

Well, here’s my writing process. Maybe it will spark your imagination and get you writing!

First off, I use a 3-hole binder. I use an index card to write the title. The plot is 3 pages long. All hand written. Then I have an open pouch where I stick my notebook and the first 20 pages of the novel. Then I have another pouch for my writing prompt notebook (It is very useful to carry this around everywhere you go. And I have several other loose pages in the binder. I have an itinerary for my book, character page, list of places, a timeline, and a “courses” page since my character will be attending an academy.

My notebooks are not fancy by any means. In fact they are simple composition notebooks. (They’re cheap, and have many pages 😉 just perfect for me). I absolutely love tiny notebooks too, they come in handy when your bag is too small to carry a regular sized notebook.

Things I want to change.

First I want to get nicer binders for my novels. I really want to create an accurate map of the places in my novel. I also want to insert pictures and drawings. I might also add quotes to the cover of my binders.

I really want to make a writing binder, for writing in general. I am also going to make a page especially for blog post ideas.

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How to Live to the Fullest

I know not much of life, for I am only 18. But I do know a few things, things that seem to be long forgotten. Especially by people of the new generation, my generation. I have always believed that I was born in the wrong time period. I’ve always wanted to be a writer in the medieval or the Victorian age. The thing is, I love life. I really do. And I want to do the most with my life, I want to grow, work, travel, meet people, fall in love and just live my life! Not sit behind a screen all day for the rest of my life looking at stupid memes. I want to actually LIVE!

So here’s a bit of advice from a green, fresh, out of high school, student. Live your life! Put away the phone. Put away the laptop. Disconnect from the technology and reconnect with people and nature.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my phone. I can take pictures, text with friends, and connect with my viewers and readers. But… life is so much more important than all that. I don’t want to be 60 years old and look back on my life, and the only memories I have are of me staring at my screens all day, watching TV, on my phone or my laptop. I want to look back on my life and remember all the great little adventures I had. The mishaps and ideas. Running in the back yard at midnight playing hide and seek with my best friends. Having a wall full of amazing art, created by me. Looking over to my bookshelf to find books and novels I wrote. Seeing pictures of me climbing a mountain, hiking, fishing, camping, cooking out, swimming, and laughing with my best friends.

Now that you know this, I need to break some news. I am not going to be posting twice a week, or even once a week. I am going to post hopefully once or twice a month and if not… oh well. I want to live to the max, without being stressed out about my next online appearance.

This is what I did at graduation. I left my phone inside and went to party. Once the night came to a close, I had not a single photo, but I had amazing memories that I would not have had if I were glued to my phone. And those memories will linger forever.

So here’s my tip for this round. Leave the phone, the laptop, the TV or whatever device that is holding you back, that is distracting you from living the life you want to live. Leave it all and do what you love.

The Calling: How I Found it and How You Can Too

Find your calling.png

In this journey we call life, we must find our calling, our passion, the thing that we are supposed to bless the world with.

But I can say as a newly graduated high school student, it’s hard. Really, really hard. People pulling you every which way, not only parents, but teachers, friends and other family members. They always suggest things like becoming an accountant or bookkeeper. A Doctor, nurse, lawyer or any such thing. I had many comments like “What are you going to study in college? What university are you going to? What are you going to pursue as a career?” And it all started my freshman year, and only intensified the closer I got to my senior year and graduation. And let me be honest, I had NO IDEA what I was going to do after high school, even my senior year I had no clue.

It was about 3 months before graduation. I had this in my head nonstop, “What was I going to do?”

I started thinking “What do I love to do? What am I really good at?” My mind would always wander to writing and painting. “But… how do I make a living at it?” I drew up a plan, and then another and another.

Basically what I came down to was writing my own blog, and selling my art. I must admit, since I only started about a month ago I haven’t achieved much as far as money. But I am getting there, slowly, very slowly. My blog has thankfully been getting more and more views and subscribers! (Shout out to all who follow thank you! You motivate me to keep going!) Also my Instagram is about to reach 100 followers! I am getting tons of love from my viewers and my friends too! In fact, as far as my art goes, I got my first two commissions this past week! They’re about done, so I sent pics to the clients and they loved them! Things like that just make my day!

As I said before, I have not made any money yet with my business. But it seems like it’s gonna go well.

But now, for you.

How do you find your calling?

Well, first ask yourself “What do I want from my life?” For me I don’t want to be tied down to a horrible 9-5 job filling or taking orders and earning minimum wage. That’s just not me. I’d be bored out of my mind for the rest of my life! I want something flexible, that will sustain me, help me to retire one day, travel a bit and just lead a simple life I enjoy. But more than anything I want to love what I do. I don’t want to hate my job. I am the kind of person who becomes bored easily, distracted, and I tend to lose interest if I am not doing something I love.

Now think about things you are good at. Generally if you like a certain subject/hobby you’ll be good at it, because, since you like it you put more effort into it. For me writing has been a passion since I was small, but I never really realized it at the time. I always wanted to write a book (Back then it was a pony club style book, give me a break I was like 8! I’d draw out pictures and my characters, though I never got to the writing part. As I said I was tiny, who at that age actually knew how to write well? And don’t even get me started on those book based movies, like Narnia, God I was obsessed with creating a world similar to that) Anyhow, back to the subject. Looking back on my childhood I can clearly see now I was meant to be a writer, it was always with me, just there lingering, waiting to be discovered. Same thing with art. (Even before my writing, I loved art. Art class was my favorite subject. I sucked at drawing and sketching, but painting, man I loved it!) So as you can see, I always kinda carried those things around with me, though I did not realize at the time I had a passion for those subjects.

And now, the third step. Ok, so you must have demand. You gotta have people who want to listen, or want your service or product. Because without customers, your dream job is just a hobby. So, like me, I want to be a writer, now I have to put myself out there for people who want what I can offer. What we’d call you, my readers. Without readers, a writer is nothing. We need people who want us and our product or service. So look around, where will you be needed? My books are needed on shelves, so I’ll write my book and send it to publishers to get it out on those shelves. My art needs to be on walls. I need to go find people who want my art on their walls. Where do I go? I go where the art loving people go, festivals, galleries, coffee shops etc.

I got awesome advice from an older friend named Ana she said she knew a young girl who makes her living as an artist. She told me it is possible, just that you must work hard at it. Get your name out there. And just do it! She told me what this artist did. She found a local coffee shop and asked to put up her art along with her contact info. Whenever someone likes the art and wants to buy it they take the business card and get in contact with the artist to make the sale transaction.


I really hope this post helped you. Remember the amount of money you have will not make you happy, doing what you love will. So find something you love and find a way to make a living from it, you don’t need globs and globs of money (Although sometimes that would be nice) to be happy, be content with what you have and do what you love.

How to Make an Awesome Storyboard on Pinterest

How to make an awesome storyboard using Pinterest.png

Here’s an awesome idea that I have stuck with since day one of writing my novel. Storyboards. Sometimes us writers need inspiration. What a better way than to look at a storyboard that was made by YOU! It’s amazing because it serves as a blue-print for your story. It helps you to “get in the mood”, really transport you into your book. (Even when or if you don’t feel like writing)

First, what is a storyboard on Pinterest?

In simple terms, it’s a board dedicated to your book/novel. A compilation of pins that you hand-picked for you story. For a few examples check mine out. This is my Galiana Chronicles board and this is my Loxley Chronicles board.

Second, how do you make a storyboard?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Just follow these simple steps

1.) Add a new board 

2.) Title it (Preferably the name of your book/story)

But what if your book/story doesn’t have a name yet? Well, just make a quick description of what your book is about. For example, mine would be Medieval fantasy. Or  you can use the description of your main character or the plot. Or better yet, use a phrase or quote from your book! The awesome thing with this is that, you have full control over this board.

3.) Add pins! Ok, so this is the fun part. Ask yourself “What is my book about? Where does it take place? When does it take place? And who are the characters?” Now just look for pins that you like and pin them. For example, mine is a medieval fantasy. So I look up pins that have to do with that theme.

So add pictures of places, people, ships, autos, whatever you want!

Pretty simple huh? Now go get pinning!

*Add a specialized playlist.

So I just figured this out right now, and it’s super cool.

I love music, so obviously I had to make a special playlist for when I am writing my novel. But… Why not share it with the world? Get people in “the mood” for reading your book?

Here’s how to add a link of a playlist to your storyboard.

1.) You have to go to Spotify Web Player, not just your Spotify app. I know, it was a bit of a pain (You’ll need to be on your desktop or laptop, the web player doesn’t work on phones or tablets)

2.) Go to your specialized playlist.

3.) Right click then select  “Copy Playlist Link”.

4.) Go to your Pinterest storyboard and click the “+” button

4.) Click on “Save from a website”

5.) Paste the link into the bar and viola, you have the pin for your playlist.


*Quick Tip*

If you have the “Pin It” button on your browser

1.) Go to playlist

2.) Click “Pin it” button.

3.) Select board you wish to save it to.


Here’s a really helpful tip against writer’s block:

Once you have created your playlist and your storyboard, go back to it. When you feel that nagging writer’s block coming on, go to your storyboard and blast that playlist. It will almost instantly transport you into your book, making you want to finish that awesome story of yours!