NaNoWriMo Without a Plan Pt. 2

So, in my last post I told you all about how busy I have been lately and how busy I was going to be. And how it was highly likely I was not going to participate in Nano this year, and even if I did I probably wouldn’t win.

Well here’s my Nanowrimo 2017 update

Words written: 3,021

I am very, very behind if I am going to try and make it to 50,000.

Don’t know if I’ll make it to 50,000 by the end of the month. But I can say that I am trying and my novel is advancing surprisingly well, considering I started without a plan or even a plot. Let’s see where this takes me!


WordPress: Why I love it and You Should Too

I am very, very new to blogging. And honestly, I was very confused at first. But thanks to WordPress the confusion was diminished.

I still have lots to learn, and I know it. Like for example, how to get more traffic and make at least a somewhat sustainable income from my blog. And a bunch of other stuff too.

There are many things I love about WordPress. Here’s a short list of what and why:

1.) The ability to schedule a blog post.
I have read many, many articles that say treat your blog like a business. And you know what it makes complete sense. If you want to make money from your blog, you have to treat it like more than just a hobby or fun pass time. Now, the things with businesses is that they are run in an orderly fashion, they are organized and they run on schedules. They don’t just open shop at 2:00 AM whenever inspiration strikes. Well same thing with a blog, there needs to be consistency. The scheduling tool on wordpress allows you to do that, without constantly being stuck on your computer.

You write your blog post, edit it and double-check it then hit schedule for whatever time and date you wish it to be published. (Take for example this post. It was written on Wednesday October 18th 2017 at about 5:00 PM. But It was not published until Thursday October 19th at 8:00 AM) Why did I do this? Because I am on a schedule, and I don’t have time on Thursday mornings to write a blog post. Thursday mornings I do volunteer work. It would be completely impossible for me! That is why I love the ability to schedule posts, and the best part is that you can schedule more than one post. So… if you want… you can schedule blog posts for the entire week, month, or even year (If you’re up to it) in just one or two nights!

2.) The “Buy it Button”
As an aspiring artist I need a shop. But I haven’t really found a place to set up my art yet, in person that is. The Buy it button is perfect for me because I get to set up a virtual shop, link it to my paypal and sell my art!

3.) It’s a lot easier to get viewers
So… as an aspiring author, writer and artist it can be super difficult to get views. Like I knew it’d be hard, but not so hard. But thanks to WordPress, I got my first follower in a matter of a few hours! I could not believe it, I was so happy! Now, it has not been easy, but it’s getting there.


4.) Everything is just so easy!

I am just in love with everything WordPress has to offer. It’s so easy to upload pictures, it has a neat and clean writing center with the most common options like bold, italic, etc. You can also hook up your FB account so that when you post on WP it also posts on FB! The actual blog setup was a breeze (except for when I’d decide to change themes God knows how many times, but that was 100% on me)

Well there you have it. Top reasons why I absolutely love WP. But if you are going to use it is completely up to you.


3 Hacks to Save money on Art Supplies

Ok, so art supplies can be pretty pricey. Just the other day I spent 90$ on art supplies! And I only got like 10 things, not even!

1.) Shop at Hobby Lobby during sales (DUH!) They have awesome sales, just last, or two weeks ago they had a 50% off sale on all canvases.

Also, I found an awesome pin, it’s all about how to save money while shopping at Hobby Lobby. Check it out!! >>> 26 Hobby Lobby Hacks That’ll Save You Hundreds <<<

2.) Wal-Mart. Clearance isle. Just yesterday I found a bin full of 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint for only .25 cents! These are normally 2.00 each! I got 24 bottles. The original price for all those little bottles would have been over 50.00 with tax. But I only paid 6.00. You cannot beat that price!

Also I found two XL® Mix Media notebooks. 5.5 x 8.5″ 60 sheets. For only 4.50 each. They are normally priced at 7.00 each.

Let’s just say that for the first time in my life I was actually happy to be at Wal-Mart! I was like a little kid in a candy store!

And what if you are not a “professional” yet? Or you just want a simple project for your kids to have fun with? Or maybe you want to practice before making a more expensive painting?

3.) I suggest buying Tempera paint. It’s generally really cheap and you can get it almost anywhere. This paint is really good (In my opinion) for pouring, because they generally come in larger containers. These are the paints they give to little kids in elementary school.

  • The only trick is that you have to use paint of the same density, because if not, then you’ll just have less dense paint running right over and covering the heavier paint
  • Be warned Tempera is very different to acrylic. It is only suitable for certain surfaces, and it dries chalky and matte, not glossy. But it is a good for beginning artists who are experimenting
  • Another tip for Tempera paint users: It’s not a good idea to use it directly on cardboard. I tried this a few months ago, and the paint is cracking and peeling off.


NaNoWriMo Without a Plan

So here’s the thing. Just today I made my first ever job resume. Yup that’s right people! I AM OFFICIALLY UP FOR HIRE! So I am hoping to get a part time job so that I can pay for all my art supplies and some other things I need. I am also concentrating on my painting. Therefore, I probably will not be able to make it to 50,000 words this year.

But don’t get me wrong! I am going to try, I am going to try with all my might to get to 50,000 by the end of November. But I am not promising anything. What’s more, I haven’t even worked on the plot of my book. Which can be either really good or really bad.

Here’s why

1.) If you have no plan, your story can go which ever way it chooses. Making it easier to write.

2.) If you have no plan, you may get stuck. Causing you to have a completely different problem of not being able to write anything, AT ALL!

So this is the first time I am going to part take in NaNoWriMo without a set plan.

Use me as a guinea pig, I’ll keep you all updated on how NaNoWriMo “Without a plan” works out.